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We have created an employment position for a visually impaired person in our company through our project "Lichtblick". This challenge not only fills us with great joy, but is also gives added value to our daily work.

This long-term social engagement reflects our "we go the extra mile" spirit.

Maria Oddo writes about her everyday life at SQ Broker

"Technology today, while often a boon for us blind people, can also create challenges. For instance, many take for granted that one must not explicitly give one's phone number when expecting someone to return a call - because you can usually see the number on a display. Unfortunately the blind cannot see this. This is why, dear clients, when I ask you for your phone number, I am not doing so to burden you unnecessarily, I am doing it because I cannot see the display. This can often lead to humorous and even confusing situations for our clients.

P.s. I have been attempting to teach Ivan, my dog, how to read numbers and communicate them to me by barking. However, it is unlikely that he'll be mastering this skill any time soon. Which is why I'd like to say in advance: Thank you for your understanding!"



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